Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Lafayette Regional Airport (KLFT) wants your input on design

Lafayette, LA -

After nearly two years of planning the new terminal at Lafayette Regional Airport it is closer to becoming a reality.

Back in 2014 voters approved a temporary sales tax to fund the terminal, which will be twice the size of the current facility. That tax raised more than 30 million dollars. Construction could start as early as the end of this year.

Now the airport wants your help to determine what the terminal should look like. In just a few years flyers passing through Lafayette Regional Airport will get to enjoy a brand new terminal. That terminal will feature one of two designs by architect Frank Gratton.

Steven Picou the executive director of Lafayette Regional Airport says "The Journey is based on information derived and it's supposed to be based on the Acadian flag waving. It also get's inspiration from oak trees. The Cathedral Oak Trees that are located throughout the area."

And the other choice, "Spirit is based off a wing or an aircraft. it's supposed to look like the leading edge of a wing or an aircraft and it has some aspects from retro and the early part of Americana," he says.

Before construction begins the airport wants you to choose the final design in an online poll. Airport director Steven Picou says the new designs take into account not only passenger comfort but also passenger safety.

"There are some new safety issues we need to address. With new FAA standards with the new building, we'll be allowed to taxi in front of the building without wing-tip restrictions," says Picou

For some frequent flyers, the new terminal can't come fast enough.

"It will be great to have another option where airlines come in and out of here to make it better for competition and better ticket prices, better ticket prices for businesses," says Gabriel Torres

"It shows that we're expanding and we're putting our money back where it belongs in the city and back in the infrastructure. It's a beautiful thing," says Ledo Pitre.

To rate the designs click here

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