Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Technician Finds $434K Worth Of Cocaine Hidden In Plane’s Nose Gear

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Investigators are trying to figure out how hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine ended up in the nose of an American Airlines plane.

The flight originated in Colombia. It made a stop here in Miami. The journey finally ended up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That’s where a technician found the coke in the plane’s electronics bay.

“One of my deputies received a call out here saying that maintenance individuals working on a plane found what essentially was cocaine,” explained Tulsa’s sheriff, Vic Regalado. “The plane left Bogota, came into Miami, got picked up on a computer for routine maintenance. Usually that would happen in Miami, but they were overloaded so they assigned it up here.”

The cocaine was reportedly worth around $434,000.

A spokesman for the airline said that American Airlines is working with the DEA and federal agencies, which are trying to determine how the cocaine made its way onto the aircraft.

In December of 2015, police found 26 pounds of cocaine in another AA 757 that had come in for maintenance. That plane had also flown from Bogota to Miami.

Story and video:  http://miami.cbslocal.com


  1. Oops, someone who works in the mx or security department at Miami did not get a chance to pick up the dope. You would think that with all the electronic snooping nowadays the DEA would have been the first people to put their hands on this or wait to find out who would. In my mind that poses a problem too. The trafficers may be snooping on the DEA and know what to avoid. Cat and mouse game.

    We gringos are mostly to blame for creating the market for cocaine with no one to blame but ourselves. We have too much money, too much time on our hands and too much self-greed to care about the welfare of others. Does the name John Delorean remind anyone of greed at any cost?

    In the 1960's My grandmother used to grow huge poppy flowers in her flower bed. The poppy is a pretty flower. After blooming the petals fell off and leave a pod. There was a creamy sticky liquid that oozed out if the pod was bruised or cut open. We kids used to hit each other with them because it was like a ball on the end of a stick (stem). Little did I know as a child that liquid was raw hash oil.

    My how times have changed.

  2. Lmao ol' Johnny D and his "snow" tires, I remember that dilrod. That's hilarious, only fitting they would use a Delorean in Back to the Future, enough coke to blast anyone anywhere. Ha!


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