Sunday, December 18, 2016

Marana Aerospace Solutions, Ascent Aviation Services agree to merger

Marana Aerospace Solutions and Ascent Aviation Services have agreed to merge to improve service offerings.

Ascent, based at Tucson International Airport, is known for its skill in servicing narrow-bodied aircraft. Marana, located 35 miles away, services the largest commercial aircraft in the world.

Since the facilities are close to one another, the combined company will boast top technicians and can optimize staffing capabilities and expand services. The merger will also increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

"Combining Marana and Ascent means that customers can procure all of their maintenance, storage and end-of-life services with one partner while utilizing a single customer representative, rather than requiring three or four different facilities," David Querio, president at Ascent, said. "Beyond the obvious cost synergies, there are exciting new growth opportunities for us. The companies share similar values and approaches and we plan to leverage that to become the premier choice for our customers."

Besides approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the merged company will maintain approvals and certifications from other global regulatory groups such as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the aviation agencies of Bermuda, Brazil, Canada and Mexico, among others.

"This combination is highly synergistic, creating a flexible business model that will maximize each company's human capital, technical capabilities and footprint while capturing immediate cost savings and driving significant value creation for both companies," Matthew Ray, CEO at Ascent, said. "We are creating a new kind of industry leader."


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