Saturday, July 16, 2016

Travelers can get reviews of airlines, not just hotels and restaurants -Kathryn's Report

When you search online for a flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, you may think the only difference between the major carriers is price.

Now TripAdvisor, the online travel review and search site, will help you compare flights by including passenger reviews of airlines in addition to its previously featured reviews of hotels and restaurants.

Before you book your flight, you can see that a round-trip flight on Spirit Airlines will cost about $190 but that the airline’s seats have been described by a previous passenger as “extremely cramped.”

The same flight on United Airlines costs about $250 but was described as “pleasant” by a previous flier who noted the airline added a “nice Verdeho to the white wine lineup.”

The reviews were added starting last week to give fliers more information on domestic carriers that are expanding to new regions of the country, or foreign carriers that recently started to serve new U.S. destinations, said Bryan Saltzburg, TripAdvisor’s senior vice president and general manager for global flights, business.

“This is an additional feature when choosing between A & B,” he said.

Another travel site,, also reviews routes but it offers a score, generally ranging from 6 to 10, that is based on the types of amenities — such as Wi-Fi, food and drinks — offered on each route.

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