Monday, July 25, 2016

Pancakes and planes at St. Ignatius Airport (52S)


Hundreds of folks got their fill of pancakes and planes at the 10th annual Good Old Days Huckleberry Pancake Breakfast in St. Ignatius on Sunday morning.

A volunteer at the St. Ignatius Airport said volunteers cooked enough huckleberry pancakes to feed around 500 people.

"It takes a lot of volunteers and a lot of hard work and a lot of planning, but it all comes together without a glitch. We've got a great community and great support from everyone," Michael Kuefler said.

Kuefler said this year brought one of the best turnouts to the event yet.

Some 37 airplanes flew in to the airport to help bring awareness to general aviation. The fly-ins were hosted by Chapter 1122 of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

Admission was free, and donations were graciously accepted.

Kuefler said the best part was the smiles on kid's faces from eating huckleberry pancakes and watching the airplanes.

"I hope lots of people like the airport because someday they might be old enough to get a ride for free. And the airport is very special, so we are very happy to have this place," St. Ignatius local Andrea Appelt said.

The St. Ignatius fire truck also made sure to keep the children cool and full of energy with a 50-foot tall fire hose spray. The day's activities included static displays, float-planes, antique aircraft,  and experimental airplanes.

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