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Cessna P206 Super Skylane, N2617X Accident occurred July 03,2016 in Gilchrist, Galveston County, Texas

Kathryn's Report:

FAA Flight Standards District Office: FAA Houston FSDO-09

Date: 04-JUL-16
Time: 00:29:00Z
Regis#: N2617X
Aircraft Make: CESSNA
Aircraft Model: 206
Event Type: Accident
Highest Injury: None
Damage: Substantial
Activity: Skydiving
Flight Phase: LANDING (LDG)
State: Texas


CRYSTAL BEACH — This is what people on Crystal Beach saw Sunday night when a problem forced a pilot to make an emergency landing on Crystal Beach.

"We heard a pop, pop, pop, pop," Robert Bertrand said.

Robert Bertrand, a well known businessman in Beaumont, was on the plane celebrating his 50th birthday with a skydiving trip. His nephew was also on the plane.

The pilot reached 3,500 feet, when the birthday flight turned frightening.

"So in that split second the pilot said... I think I can land it," Bertrand said.

An oil pressure problem shut down the engine.

Bertrand watched oil splatter onto the windshield. All he could do was hope for the best.

"I see a truck,  tent,  people, a truck,  tent,  people,  people,  people,  I'm like oh gosh we're going to kill somebody," he said.

The pilot made what witnesses call an amazing emergency landing on Crystal Beach near the new Seagrass Subdivision.

The pilot and the two skydivers walked away. Everyone on board and on the beach was okay.

"So I called him Captain Scully after the Hudson... plane crash he landed on the Hudson and saved all those people," Bertrand said. "This is a 50th I'll never forget," he said.

Story and video:

Everyone survived when a plane carrying skydivers had to make an emergency landing Sunday night on Crystal beach.

Major Douglas Hudson with the Galveston county sheriff's office tells KFDM and 6 News on Fox an oil pressure problem forced a pilot to land on Crystal Beach at about nine Sunday night. 

Hudson says there were two skydivers on board. They and the pilot are okay and were not hurt.

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