Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Offensive word spotted on sign: G. O. Carlson Airport (KMQS), Coatesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Coatesville, Pennsylvania -   An offensive word was spotted on a sign outside of a local airport. 

Police in Valley Township say a sign is most likely the work of vandals rather than an organized group. According to police, on April 22 vandals rearranged the removable letters on the sign leading up to the Chester County G. O. Carlson Airport near Coatesville. FOX 29 has decided to blur the photos of the offensive message.

A passerby noticed and alerted the manager of the airport restaurant that owns the sign before it was removed.

Gary Hudson, a longtime airport manager, who is African American could not comment on the investigation but tells us he doesn't think he was the target of the sign. 

"This shouldn't be happening in 2016. But you have ignorant people out there so what you going to do?" said Coatesville resident Jackie Green.

Police tell FOX 29 they have identified three men as persons of interest in the case but so far no arrests. They are stopping short of calling this a hate crime saying they think the criminal mischief is more vandalism than racism.

James Jackson, 57,  a lifelong resident of Valley Township, says he remembers a time as a kid where African Americans wouldn’t be welcome in this part of town. After seeing the racist message on the sign he says he's disappointed to say the least.

“I think it just sets us back as a community when we call strive to work hard together" says Jackson.

Valley Township police say investigators know the names of the suspects but haven’t been able to contact them. If you know any information, please call Valley Township Police at (610) 384-8133.

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