Monday, March 21, 2016

British plane spotters fined in Kenya for taking airport photos

The four men in court, they appeared before Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga.  

Paul Abbott posted this photograph on social media the day before he was arrested in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Four British plane spotters in Kenya have been ordered to pay £1,400 ($2,000) or face a year in jail for trespassing at an airport in Nairobi.

The four men from Greater Manchester were caught taking pictures at Wilson Airport in the capital and have been in custody for more than a week.

They remain in detention at the police cells at the main international airport until the fine is paid.

The men said officials at the airport had given them permission to film.

But they sparked a security alert after they were spotted from the airport bar.

The BBC'S Alastair Leithead in Nairobi says in the end they admitted to two charges in court - of trespassing, and taking pictures of aircraft - which each carried a fine of £700.

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