Sunday, January 31, 2016

Central Coast airports prepare for Super Bowl 50 air traffic: Watsonville Airport, Monterey Regional Airport expect rise in private jets

WATSONVILLE, Calif. —As Super Bowl 50 draws closer, the number of private jet reservations on the Central Coast is expected to rise.

Two private jets were seen flying in and out of the Watsonville Airport Sunday, an unusual sight for the small airport.

"A lot of people do come in here because we are in between Santa Cruz and Monterey and we are a little cheaper with a lot of things, so it's a nice spot where people can just fly in and not have to deal with a lot of the bigger traffic, big jets and stuff like that," Watsonville airport spokesperson Elgin Cawaling said.

But with Super Bowl 50 one week away, airport officials said they're getting ready for more VIP guests flying in.

To prep for the crowds, the airport brought in a new jet fuel truck for private jet customers.

The NFL is predicting another 2,000 to 2,500 private planes will enter Central Coast airspace, and those aircraft will need places to land.

Monterey Regional Airport is also ready. It has been working with the Federal Aviation Administration's reservation system that forces private jets to reserve spots for landing and taking off.

"We're really excited, looking forward to it and we're ready. We've been meeting on a weekly basis and just preparing for this busy time, but it's a good time of year for it," Monterey Regional Airport spokesperson Jennifer Hickerson said.

For local pilots, airports recommend reserving flight times early through the FAA if you plan to fly during Super Bowl weekend.

"So we are just working to notify local pilots that if they plan on flying during that time, they would need to make arrangements with the FAA to make sure they have a spot available for them to take off and land," Hickerson said.


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