Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Opinion: Out of line • South Bend International Airport (KSBN), Indiana

I travel frequently by air nationally and internationally and use the South Bend airport as much as possible, but I’m having second thoughts. 

When I went to the airport recently, a K-9 Transportation Security Administration officer with a dog was in the hallway leading to the security gate and as I walked by the dog was allowed to accost and sniff me. 

That has never happened to me in any other airport in the world.

But then, twice more when I was sitting and working in the gate area, an officer came by with a different dog and allowed the dog to accost and sniff me up.

When I reacted with indignation, the TSA officer said that this now was part of the airport’s security. 

Repeated physical surveillance! 

To me this is the equivalent of a police officer patting me down every hour. 

Are we now a police state that uses harassment and threat of citizens trying to go about their daily business?

Darcia Narvaez
South Bend

- Source: http://www.southbendtribune.com/opinion/voices/letters


  1. Accosted??? You are entitled to your opinion.
    You could always take the bus if that would annoy you less.