Thursday, January 01, 2015

Dynamic Airways sued in United States Federal Court by Guyana-New York passengers

A United States-based Guyanese lawyer and his brother, who is a local businessman, are suing Dynamic Airways for inconvenience caused due to lengthy delays and flight cancellations in recent weeks.

Moses Rambarran is also urging all passengers affected on the New York-Georgetown route to become parties to a class-action lawsuit that seeks to, among other things, demand full refund of airfares. He said the details of the court action would be posted on his Facebook Page
(  through which they can arrange to become parties to the legal action.

Rambarran said he and his brother, Rohan Rambarran, decided to file legal proceedings in a US Federal Court because there was no guarantee that the airline would voluntarily pay back passengers. “.. for fear that it may never work out.  We may be waiting limbo for a refund just like we waited in the line for a plane to Guyana,” he said.

The Rambarrans claimed that they together paid US$3,000 in air-fares to travel to Guyana, but in the end had to fly on Caribbean Airlines.

Moses Rambarran said Dynamic Airways has told passengers that they needed to submit their names so that their refunds could be processed; some expected in January and in other cases they would be charged a penalty.

He berated the carrier which is headquartered in Greensboro, North Connecticut for allegedly treating passengers shoddily and inconveniencing hundreds of passengers who had booked to travel for the holidays, funerals, weddings and other activities.  “Dynamic Airways knew they could not perform their end of the bargain yet continued to take people’s hard earned money by selling tickets to unsuspecting passengers desperate to come home to be with their families on Christmas morning,” said Moses Rambarran in a prepared statement.

He said the lawsuit was filed on Monday, December 29 in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York because Dynamic Airways allegedly failed to have planes available to transport passengers to and from Georgetown and New York, causing unreasonable delays and outright cancellations and wait in lines for inhumane hours.

Moses Rambarran said his decision to file the lawsuit, which he said was served on the company on Tuesday, was further prompted by the carrier causing passengers to return to the John F. Kennedy International Airport for up to four days and in some cases sleeping there.  After then, he said that the airline cancelled flights at 2 AM on Christmas Eve citing safety issues.

The Attorney flayed the Guyana government for doing little to protect passengers who have been affected by Dynamic Airways.

Story and photo:

Moses Rambarran (left) and Rohan Rambarran at the new conference that was held Wednesday morning at the Ocean View International Hotel, Liliendaal.

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