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Dnevnik: Experts Say Bodies of Fallen Presidential Plane were Selectively Burned

No investigation into the crash of Macedonia's presidential plane has been able to explain the strange and selective fire after the plane crashed, says Skopje daily Dnevnik.

After the latest investigation by Bosnian authorities was wrapped up, the Government hired Zoran Dorevski PhD, an expert in Criminology and Safety. 

According to Dorevski,  not the first, or the latest investigation explained how the fire was created and extensively burned the bodies of 8 Macedonian diplomats (including the president and security personnel) in such a short time. Ought to be noted, no fire, no explosion of any kind was reported by witnesses.

In his final investigative analysis given to the Government, Dorevski states the fire reached temperatures over 1,100 C. He is certain the plane's fuel cannot reach this temperatures, but it could if certain chemicals are added to it. The fire, says Dorevski, lasted only few seconds.

"Some of the passengers have their torso burned badly, yet their extremities are untouched. Their inner organs were also untouched. This points to the fact the fire was extemely intense and very short lasting. For the same reason there are documents and personal items of the passengers sitting next to them that were undamaged" - says Dorevski.

He reminds that the first and second report state that not all passengers were dead from the plane crash. Some were killed from the crash, other from the "fire". Dorevski disagrees with the findings in both reports.

- There is a strong possibility some of the passengers were alive prior to the fire. According to the official Coroner Report passenger #6 had smoke in his lungs, passenger 4 had oxygen in his lungs. The strength of the fire and its direction are in contradiction with both chemical and physical laws when it comes to plane crashes and fires during those crashes, says Dorevski.

Another fact that jumped at Dorevski was the fact that one passenger in the back of the plane was terribly burned, yet the passenger sitting across was barely touched by the fire.

"There are indeed spots in the plane where all you can do is simply scratch your head. In the back of the plane we see a passanger badly burned yet another passenger sitting less than two feet across is barely touched by the fire. Another selective fire we see with the passenger next to left wing. He is badly burned, yet the wing is not touched, the passenger sitting ahead of him is also untouched, yet the very next passenger is badly burned. Then once again we see selective, but much weaker fire in the cockpit. 

"From what I could see, the fire started near the last seat fetching 1,100 degrees C, then it drastically reduced its strength as it moved towards the first seat, then we see 1,100 degrees C at the first seat. Then the fire is drastically reduced in strength in the cockpit."  

Dorevski did not wish to comment on the first report nor the fact that NATO had access to the plane crash for 24 hours before letting Bosnian authorities access to the crash site.  

 Dnevnik in a 2011 report pinpointed to the following facts:

- The pilot Marko Krstevski carried his passport in his left pocket, his ID around his neck and the wallet in his back pocket. His family received all items undamaged, smelling of cologne while Krstevski's body was badly burned.

- The coroner concluded that MFA's Mile Krstevski was alive prior to being burned as the medical examiner found oxygen in his lungs. The examiner added Krstevski appeared to be defending himself as his body was found in 'defensive' position with his hand extended and fist formed in a 'punch' (medical examiner words).

- A scarf always worn by Dimka Boskovic around her neck to cover a surgery scar was returned to her family undamaged yet her body was 100% burned. Precisely the same thing occured with another female passenger Anita Lozanovska. Her silver jewelry was returned to the family while her body was burned. The silver would have melted at those temperature, unless the fire was selective. 

- The president's economic advisor Risto Blazevski had burned body, but his coat was only slightly damaged.

- The paint of the plane (very sensitive to even small fire) is not damaged at all, but the bodies in the plane mysteriously burned.

- The location of the fire is localized only to the bodies. There is no other fire damage to the plane. //Dnevnik

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