Saturday, December 27, 2014

Parking business near Orlando International Airport closes without warning

ORLANDO, Fla. —Hundreds of air travelers returning to Orlando International Airport are finding out that getting a way home may not be so easy.

A parking business near the airport shut down without warning, leaving a lot full of cars and no easy way for the owners to get to them.

If travelers left their keys with the business, the keys are in an unsecured building.

When WESH 2 News called Airport Quick Parking on Jetport Road, a message said the company was out of business due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was on the scene and said there were more than 400 cars at the lot.

Deputies said they would stay at the parking lot until they can track down the owner of the business in order to make sure the lot is secured and none of the vehicles are stolen.

Some of the cars are boxed in, making it impossible for some people to leave.

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