Friday, December 26, 2014

Cops seeks Caribbean Airline passengers in Assistant Commissioner of Police probe

Deputy Police Commissioner Glen Hackett, mandated to probe the conduct of Assistant Commissioner of Police Peter Reyes aboard a Caribbean Airline flight BW 1528 last Thursday, has formed a team to assist him.

Newsday understands arrangements were being made to interview the pilot duty manager Sherwin Seyjagat and flight attendants Karen Wilson and Lieko Sue Hong.

The interviews were expected to take place at the Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain. The team of officers assigned to the probe were dispatched to the Airports Authority yesterday to solicit a copy of the names of the passengers who were seated in the same area where Reyes was seated when the incident involving him and a flight attendant when the aircraft was taxiing on the runway took place.

Police are hoping to use this information to make contact with the passengers to get a clearer picture to ascertain what may have taken place between Reyes and the flight attendant last Thursday shortly after 4 pm.

This information along with statements collected will then be used by the investigators to determine the line of questioning for Reyes when he is interviewed.

Newsday understands the probe is expected to be completed in quick time once the passengers are contacted and cooperate with the police.

Reyes has alleged that he sought the assistance of two passengers to assist him turn off the Black Berry Q-10 phone assigned to him, but they were unsuccessful.

This phone has a stand-by power on and off button which is visible on the top part of the phone.

However, Reyes was in possession of the Q 10 phone during the months he was an acting ACP prior to his being assigned as an ACP in charge of Tobago. He is alleging that the phone was new to him and he was not familiar with the features, therefore he experienced difficulty in switching off the handset.

Reyes, who was promoted last Wednesday, was supposed to fly to Tobago to take up duties there.

It is alleged that shortly after 4 pm while the aircraft was taxying on the runway of the Piarco International Airport Reyes’ phone rang twice and he was advised to switch off the device.

He is alleging he made attempts to do so however, one of two flight attendants claimed Reyes was abusive when asked to switch off the phone.

The flight attendant is alleging Reyes told her she was attacking him because he was not white and she claimed this was said to her in full view of other passengers.

It was at this point that one of the pilots was alerted and he contacted the security department resulting in five estate constables escorting Reyes out of the aircraft.

The passengers were then placed in another aircraft and the flight eventually took off at 5 pm.

Reyes was interviewed by an estate sergeant who deemed that he committed no offense and he made attempts to secure another flight to Tobago, but was told to return on Friday. Two flight attendants and the pilot went to the Piarco Police Station at 12.05 am on Friday last and reported the alleged conduct of Reyes. This prompted Acting Commissioner Stephen Williams to mandate Hackett to probe the incident.


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