Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Redlands, California: Air show talk is deja vu


Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. there will be a meeting in the airport lobby to discus Hangar 24 sponsoring a Redlands airshow.

After watching the City Council in action before the last airshow I’ve come up with a few questions.

First, last time Hangar 24 gave as a reason that they should be allowed to sponsor the airshow was that the city would be given a share of the profit made on beer sales made by Hangar 24 Charities.

The question is:   Does the city know how much money was generated by Hangar 24 Charities sales and what amount went to the city?

Second: Last time the airport was shut down for two days while the show went on making it impossible for the tenants to use the airport, the tenants pay rent but Hangar 24 paid nothing to use the facilities.

Hangar 24 Charities also paid nothing to use the airport.

Question, why doesn’t Hangar 24 have to pay to use the facilities but the tenants get no relief for the two days they are shut out?

Third: Is the City Council once again going to waive a large share of the cost to furnish police, fire and trash pickup services allowing Ben Cook to make a larger profit at tax payers expense?

The city is not putting on the show, Hangar 24 is, so why is the city subsidizing Hangar 24?

— Glenn Dunham, Redlands

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