Monday, September 29, 2014

Fort Benning air training to include low-flying aircraft, simulated bomb droppings

COLUMBUS, Ga. -   The United States Air Force will be conducting air training over Fort Benning in October that will feature low-flying aircraft and simulated bomb droppings in the northeast corner of the post.

Community members may hear loud noise and see low-flying aircraft between October 1 and 3 - and again between October 20 and 25. Additionally, bright flashes may be seen coming from post while simulated bomb droppings are conducted.

The 500-pound bombs are training munitions that sound similar to the artillery fire that typically occurs on post, according to Fort Benning community relations spokesperson Nate Snook explained. Flares - which will produce a brilliant light or intense heat without an explosion - will be signaling, illumination or defensive countermeasures.

"We will strive to limit late night noise, however, weather and operational conditions can sometimes unexpectedly delay training," Snook said. "The weapons and platforms used to deliver these munitions will produce loud noise, which can carry for several miles depending on how high or low the cloud cover is. Some noise may sound closer if the weather is overcast."

Earlier this month, a military aircraft flying over Columbus made a loud boom after it broke the sound barrier and began traveling at sonic speeds. Although that incident was not related to scheduled Fort Benning training, many area residents became concerned after the boom shock much of the Chattahoochee River valley area.

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