Friday, June 13, 2014

Airport execs draw up contingency measures to cope with bad weather

MANILA, Philippines—Authorities at Ninoy Aquino International Airport have begun designing contingency measures to ensure passenger safety and welfare following the onset of the rainy season.

Manila International Airport Authority general manager Jose Angel Honrado convened the Weather Disturbance Management Committee on Friday to discuss overall direction and control procedures during bad weather, which is considered a crisis situation by aviation authorities.

Included in the meeting were MIAA senior officials and managers of NAIA’s four terminals.

Honrado, the committee chair, specifically directed the terminal managers to convene their respective emergency response teams.

“They are mandated under MIAA guidelines on severe and extreme weather disturbances to carry out emergency procedures in their areas of responsibility in accordance with the airport emergency plan. Under the guidelines, the terminal Manager is the ERT (emergency response team) chief,” Honrado said.

As ERT chief, the terminal manager takes command during Storm Signal No. 2-4, and/or under yellow, orange and red alerts imposed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

Each ERT is composed of the following groups with corresponding responsibilities:

•  Evacuation Group guides tenants in evacuation to a safe place and holding area. It is led by the terminal safety, operations and public affairs groups;

•  Medical & First Aid Group  renders immediate first aid assistance in case of injuries. It is led by the Medical Division;

•  Security Group secures the terminal premises and and provides crowd control. It is led by the Terminal Police Division;

•  Facilities Group ensures that all facilities and equipment remain operational during severe weather conditions.

At the meeting Honrado also ordered the terminal managers to ensure that target completion dates were met for projects that could pose problems during the rainy season if left unfinished.

“Like in NAIA Terminal 2, we have completed waterproofing works in the domestic portion. We have now moved to the international wing,” he said.

The MIAA said the rehabilitation and completion works in the other terminals were proceeding as planned.


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