Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Susi Air: Aircraft tire bursts on landing

Merauke , 6/4 ( Jubi ) – The right tire of a Susi Air aircraft burst while taxing on the runway of Mopah Airport in Merauke on Saturday, an airport official said.

The Victor Tanggo aircraft was carrying seven passengers from  Bade, Mappi, when the incident happened. All people on board were safe.

“The Susi Air plane tire burst after it already landed and was about to turn to drop off passengers, ” the head of the Air Transport Security Authority of Mopah Airport, Agustinus Budi Hartono,  told tabloidjubi.com on Saturday (5/4).

“We will conduct further investigation to determine the exact cause of the burst of the tire,” he added.

He has officially reported to the leader at the national level and asked for the management of Susi Air to take this incident seriously, so that such events will not happen again .

One passenger, John Kafiar also confirmed if the right tire of the plane was flat but the passengers were not too panic because the plane was running slowly and was about to drop off passengers at the same stop.

Meanwhile, a local television journalist in Merauke regency, Syahril Mindip protested for being prevented from taking pictures of the scene at Mopah Airport.

“After I got the information from a friend that Susi Air plane tire burst, I immediately drove to the airport and went inside. However, a few minutes later, they confiscated my ID card. The reason was that I entered the airport area and I must have a boarding passenger first,” he said.

Story and photo:   http://tabloidjubi.com