Monday, March 31, 2014

Yeager Airport (KCRW) votes to help fund Coonskin bridge project

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- When it comes to the West Virginia Air National Guard, few are more supportive than Yeager Airport. The two entities share the runway and grounds at Yeager and the Air Guard provides the airport's fire and crash response service.

"It's one of the best units in the country and we're very fortunate to have them," said Assistant Airport Director Brian Belcher. "It probably saves our airport one point five to two Million dollars a year just having them there."

The savings alone would explain the recent vote by the Yeager Board of Directors to help construct the new entrance to Coonskin Park. Yeager will pay 150,000 dollars each year for the next ten years to help pay for a bridge over the Elk River which will serve as the new park entrance.  The new entrance will allow for the closure of the present entrance which runs through the guard base. The openness of the base was a security problem identified in the most recent BRAC inspection of the guard's headquarters.

"We always try to partner with the 130th unit and it's important for them to get their base more secure," said Belcher. "It's something that's been one of their goals and we'd like to help them get it done."