Friday, January 03, 2014

Letters: Milton’s had enough of jetliner noise - Massachusetts

Governor Deval Patrick is not doing Milton residents and people in surrounding communities any favors by expanding activities at Logan Airport (“Logan widens its reach and impact,” Dec. 27).

According to the noise abatement office of the Massachusetts Port Authority, more than 3,000 aircraft flew over Milton in July on their final approach to Logan’s runway 4-Right. What might we expect now — 4,000 jets descending over Milton’s airspace?

Massport, the Federal Aviation Administration, and Patrick should have consideration for those of us on the ground who must endure the ever expanding reach of Logan Airport. 

We in Milton are not demanding the closure of Logan Airport but believe that Logan’s expansion without consideration of those living in its surrounding communities is an example of a pursuit of financial greed for the few at the expense of the many. We in Milton have asked and continue to ask that the residents of this town receive only our fair share or airplane noise and pollution. 

Consideration must be given to expanding the use of Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in Manchester, N.H., and T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, R.I., to lessen the negative impact of airplane noise and pollution in Logan’s surrounding communities.

Serious consideration should be given to building a second full-service commercial airport in the central part of the state. 

As a Milton homeowner, Patrick should know better than most that the current flight patterns have already had a negative impact on property values in the town, but that is far less important than the impact those flight paths have had on health, well being, and Milton residents’ right to the quiet enjoyment of their daily lives.

Paul Yovino