Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pilot Crashes, Sees Own Body Hanging in Trees: Near Death Experience

A Canadian pilot who shares his bone-chilling near death experience on YouTube. (Screenshot/YouTube)

This near death experience was shared by Canadian pilot Jeffrey S. on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation website and on YouTube. 

The Crash

While operating as the chief pilot for a Canadian air service, I crashed shortly after take off.

I had a catastrophic engine failure. Panic was my immediate response, but my training kicked in … I tried restarts, [but] could not get it to fire. I secured the engine and prepared for a crash landing.

As the floats on the aircraft started to make contact with the tree tops, I pulled back and purposely stalled the aircraft and the left wing dropped and I felt the impact with the first tree. At that moment, everything went into super slow motion. I watched the wing wrap around the tree and watched my wing tear off the aircraft… then everything went black and I was out for the remainder of the crash through the trees.

I fully had accepted this was my time to die, and I went from pure panic for the first 30 seconds, to an almost peaceful calm that this was how I was going to die.

I woke up in the aircraft and was bleeding very badly from [my] head. I noted the severe injuries to my arm and [my] complete upper body was broken. I realized I should exit the aircraft as soon as possible as there was a risk of fire. … I exited the aircraft. …

[I took paper towels with me and blotted the blood on my head to stop it from running into my eyes as I walked along the treeline]

Discovery, Horror

I looked to the aircraft now about 50 feet away from me. The cockpit windows were level with the ground so I could see into the cockpit when I sat down. To my … horror, I saw the captains seat upside down and an arm and leg dangling from it! I knew at that moment I was looking at myself.

I then looked around and saw a beautiful blue sky like none I’d ever witnessed. … There was not a single sound, not a bird, not even a whisper of wind. I was quickly very comfortable and felt very safe there.

I then looked back into the cockpit to confirm what I saw, and sure enough I was still hanging there upside down in my seat. At that exact moment, I uttered the words ” …I’m dead.” I instantly went out at that moment.
Read more and watch video:   http://www.theepochtimes.com

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