Thursday, October 31, 2013

Victoria Regional Airport (KVCT), Texas: Online survey under way to evaluate region's travel needs

Crossroads travelers can now weigh in on the region's air service needs.

The Victoria Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday emailed the link to a 15-question online survey asking about travelers' airline preferences, business travel budgets, travel frequency and more.

It's all part of an ongoing marketing study by Seabury Airline Planning aimed at presenting a clear picture of Victoria's travel needs, Victoria Regional Airport Manager Jason Milewski said.

"It's to help us build a better case to attract more air service to our area," he explained.

The airport has faced issues with air carrier Sun Air International regarding baggage troubles, plane size, cancellations and delays, the Advocate previously reported.
Randy Vivian, president and CEO of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce, said the survey has already seen positive results. As of Wednesday afternoon, about 50 percent of those who had opened the email took time to fill it out.

"We're very appreciative of that," he said. "The more information we get, the better we know the public's opinion."

The survey will be available online for about a week.

Milewski encouraged people to respond as soon as possible and to do so regardless of whether they use the Victoria airportt.

"Nine out of 10 people, or maybe even greater than that, don't use the airport, for good reasons," he said. "This is to make the airport more usable."


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