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Cambridge Municipal Airport (KCDI) to receive new jet refueler truck in early 2014

Coming in early 2014 to the Cambridge Municipal Airport: A new jet aircraft refueler truck.

The Cambridge Regional Airport Authority received a single bid for the 3,000 gallon truck from Kansas City, Kansas- based SkyMark Refueler LLC. Total cost is $167,685. A 20 percent down payment of $33,537 is required.

"The Guernsey County Commissioners committed to funding $160,000," said Airport Manager Terry Losego. "The airport would be responsible for the additional $7,000. However, in discussions with the Guernsey County commissioners and airport manager, if the airport is unable to support the additional funding the commissioners would consider the additional costs. The board authorized President Ron Guthrie to enter into a sales agreement to purchase the truck. The new truck's deliver date is approximately 165 days from date of order."

The 2013 Ford F-750 chassis will be equipped with a Cummins 6.7 liter diesel engine.

In other action, the airport's underground storage tanks passed recent inspection.

"On July 30, under the Steel Tank Institute Watchdog Program, our underground tanks were tested by Veri-Tank Inc.," Losego reported. "The report shows the tank to soil potential measurement present confirms that our tanks are protected from corrosion.

The 6,000 and 4,000 tanks both passed inspection, tested per Federal Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. The airport purchased a 30-year guarantee when the tanks were installed with the understanding the tanks would be tested every third year.

On a related note, Losego reported Epic Aviation Fuel Farm Inspection suggested a filter system for both aviation gasoline dispensers. He received a quote from Mascott Equipment in the amount of $341.60, not including installation costs.

"This summer the Guernsey Youth Program has assisted in the maintenance here at the airport," Losego said. "The completed projects include painting of the segmented circle, wind sock, and wind tee. The pavilion has been repainted along with the table and benches. The localizer building has been cleaned and they are in the process of cleaning the mold off the T-hangar. This is all at no charge to the airport."

The Ohio Department of Transportation Office of Aviation inspected the airport, the data collected to be used for updating the Airport's/Heliport's Master Record and determining compliance with Federal Aviation Administration and ODOT standards.

Non-compliances detected includes:

• Runway 04 approach slope is insufficient to the primary surface and the displaced threshold

• Runway 22 approach slope is insufficient to the primary surface

• Both runways have obstructions within the primary surface

• Various lighting system mounting bases are more than three inches above grade; resolved by back filling to grade.

Facilities and equipment failing to meet current ODOT commercial operating standards will receive a conditional commercial operating certificate stipulating areas of non-compliance.

AVC Technologies installed a new computer in the airport office. The previous computer will be used for the Pilotbrief Optima Weather Station.

Airport Secretary Brenda Dolweck presented the board with several Internet technology packages from AVC Technical Services. The "Essential Package" would cover three desktop computers, provide verified cloud data backup up to 500 gigabytes and manage anti-virus, anti malware and firewall for all three computers. Cost is $60 per month. The Authority agreed to purchase this package.

Fuel sales through July 31, with sales through the same point last year in parenthesis, are as follows:

• Aviation gasoline -- 6,533.3 gallons (7,492.2 gallons)

• Jet fuel -- 11,803.4 gallons (15,395.1 gallons).

Operation (takeoffs and landings) through July 31 with operations through the same point last year in parenthesis, are as follows:

• General aviation -- 590 (1,083)

• Business -- 448 (562).

Losego attended the Shirley Mixer Knight Laboratory Dedication July 31 at the Zane State College Cambridge campus.

More at

This laboratory was made possible through the generosity of John W. Knight and Family. A second laboratory was gifted by Basic Systems, Inc.

Foundations have been set for the walkway spanning Brick Church Road. Completion of the building is slated for the end of November.

Due to the vacancy in the airport hangars, the Authority has advertised available hangar rental space. The Authority also mailed letters to oil and gas customers stating land is available for leasing to build corporate hangars.

The airport's visual approach slope indicator lights on Runway 22 have been restored. Meighen Electric used parts from the VASI lights on Runway 4 to complete repairs. This will insure safety standards for the pilots to fly the approach until the new precision approach path indicator lights are installed.

Beginning Aug. 24, the FAA and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) implemented a new notam format language. Notams are methods to describe various safety issues to pilots such as runway closures and inoperable runway lights. This will require retraining of airport attendants as they are required to issue notams should the need arise.

Steve Potoczak of Delta Airport Consultants reported The fiscal year 2013 grant application was been submitted to the FAA for approval. The application includes the construction of PAPI for Runway 4 and 22 and the construction of REIL's for Runway 4. This also includes the FAA flight check reimbursement agreement and administration costs.

The total cost for this project is $297,257.95. Federal dollars are $267,532. The local match is $29,725.95.

Steve Potoczak reported the obstruction light project has been postponed until the fiscal year 2014 grant application year.

Potoczak also reported the fiscal year 2012 grant (Cord Paving crack repair and obstruction light survey and design) final closeout was submitted to the FAA for approval.

The Cambridge Regional Airport Authority is scheduled to next meet at 7:30 a.m. Sept. 18 at the airport.

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