Monday, August 05, 2013

COUNCILMAN: Colleague May Have Jeopardized New Airline For Pitt-Greenville Airport (KPGV), Greenville, North Carolina

 A Greenville city councilman says one of his colleagues has put an economic development project in jeopardy. 

 Councilman Dennis Mitchell claims fellow councilman Calvin Mercer released information in his recent newsletter that breached confidentiality about the project.

In a weekend newsletter, Mercer says the Pitt-Greenville Airport is working to get a second airline with a federal grant. He cited airport manager Jerry Vickers in the e-mail, adding that if it was successful the airport could see new service as early as next May or June. Contacted today about the report, Vickers wouldn't comment to WITN News.

In a news release this afternoon, Mitchell criticized Mercer. "He continues to be a rooster taking credit for the sunrise and this time he may have went to far," said Mitchell.

Mitchell is the at-large member of council, while Mercer represents District 4. Last month Mercer announced he would be running against Mitchell for the at-large seat.

"I gave out information that I thought was public, that I understood was public," Mercer told WITN. "I do not believe that I have given out any confidential information. This item was on the agenda for tonight's meeting and I try to keep the public informed."

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