Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Nevada firm interested in renting airport space: Clovis Municipal (KCVN), New Mexico

The Clovis Civil Aviation Board made a recommendation Tuesday that Blue Sky Aviation sub-lease a hangar at the Clovis Municipal Airport to a Nevada company that will use Air Force supplied aircraft to train pilots.

Dave Harris, who was at the board meeting representing Sierra Nevada Corp., said the Sparks, Nev.-based electronics, engineering and manufacturing corporation is contracted by the government to teach train pilots, and the Air Force Logistics Command will provide a Super Tucano aircraft for the pilot courses.

Harris said the first class is planned to start March 15, but SNC would begin preparations at the airport in January. He said the courses will bring about 30 to 35 people to Clovis during the time the pilot training courses are being run.

After the meeting, Harris declined further comment, citing that he is not in media relations.

Ronald Byrd, co-owner of Blue Sky Aviation, the company that provides hangars and fuel to local pilots among other services, said after the meeting that the term-length of the sub-lease with SNC is unknown at this time. Byrd declined to disclose the amount of money that would change hands in relation to the sub-lease because “it is not public knowledge” due to the money being exchanged between private companies.

Blue Sky Aviation’s hangar sub-lease will be placed on the city commission’s agenda for approval.

According to its website, SNC has a tradition of developing high technology electronics, avionics, and communications systems. SNC has expanded its scope of business to include renewable energy, nanotechnology, and human space flight among other business ventures.