Friday, February 08, 2013

Remote-controlled aircraft land in the Ozarks: At least two firms are using the small helicopters for civilian uses

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Unmanned aircraft have been helping fight wars for years, and now the technology is being used in the civilian world.

Jake Wynant may have been controlling his plane on Friday,  but he stayed on the ground as his aircraft headed for the sky.  Wynant owns Wingnut Aerial Video Systems.  His company uses a remote-controlled helicopter in movies and commercial production.

"It's not cheap, when you are flying something that costs more than your house."

"They are very beneficial both on our private investigation side and also the public side because of officer safety at that point," said Tim Brennen, director of Southern Missouri Judicial Services.

Brennen's group uses unmanned aircraft for investigations and other law enforcement purposes.

"We have put them up in the air for tactical situations.  We can get an overall view of what’s going on," said Brennan.

The controversy has caught the ears of lawmakers, including Missouri state Rep. Casey Guernsey, R - Bethany.  He introduced a bill that would outlaw the use of all unmanned aircraft in Missouri for surveillance use.  The only exception would be for law enforcement agencies -- and only if they have a warrant.

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