Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bonfire Flight - Spruce Creek Fly-in, January 2013 - Lakes / Goofy Flight Compilation


Video by Steve Wood 

 Published on January 24, 2013

"The crowd at the annual Spruce Creek Fly-in Bonfire on January 19, 2013 was entertained by Gaggle Flight members opening the event with a spectacular fly-by. This compilation shows the large 11 ship formation of Lakes / Goofy Flight who flew a series of three different passes, including a carefully choreographed break out of a 'Stingray' formation. This was certainly an unusual break, but in essence it was a series of separate breaks out of conventional right echelons, all linked together and initiated by just one radio call. The planning and safe development of this break took place over numerous practice sessions. Safety of flight during the break was a critical issue which is why bubble canopy planes were flown by the two pilots who were breaking second and fifth in the break sequence. The lead airplane was an open cockpit bi-plane which afforded an excellent view of the break sequence at all times by Lakes Lead."

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