Saturday, September 22, 2012

Seminar on pilot training in Muscat, Salalah and Sohar

MUSCAT — Ayla Aviation Academy is organizing seminars on pilot training in various locations in Oman. The seminars are scheduled to be held in Muscat, Salalah and Sohar on the September 24, 25 and 26 respectively; and are planned to take place in the following venues: Hotel Muscat Holiday — Muscat, Haffa House-Salalah and Crowne Plaza — Sohar, sessions will start at 7 pm.

A representative from Ayla Aviation Academy Jordan and its sister Academy Atlantic Flight Training UK will be giving presentations on the versatile features and aspects of Pilot Training. Ayla, through Atlantic Flight Training is the first EASA approved facility in the Middle East; it is approved for both flight and ground training. Ayla, in collaboration with Atlantic offer a full EASA license.

Ayla’s flight and ground instructors are all highly-qualified, fully certified trainers with teaching experience from all over the world. All aircrafts and simulators are maintained in-house by Ayla's maintenance department, which is a manufacturer authorized service center for Diamond, Cirrus and Cessna.

The Academy’s Ground School facility includes computer based classrooms equipped with the latest educational aids and technologies; student lounge, instructor lounge, ground instructor offices, management offices and meeting rooms, fully equipped gym, Cafeteria, Library, and wireless Internet connectivity. Ayla is also the regional pioneer in adopting Ipad based learning system.

Cadet accommodation units are located throughout the city and include: Fully furnished 2 bedrooms — 2 bathroom units, twice a week housekeeping service, Satellite TV, washer/dryer, microwave, oven, refrigerator and air conditioning. Also included in the fees is transportation from and to the Academy.

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