Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Foothills Regional (KMRN), Morganton, North Carolina: Airport appointment an important decision

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 


By: Morganton News Herald Staff | Morganton News Herald


Burke County’s Board of Commissioners has the opportunity to make a positive change in the coming weeks.

During last week’s Foothills Regional Airport Authority meeting, the authority voted to ask the Burke County Board of Commissioners to replace one of its appointments to the authority, Randy Hullette.

Hullette has missed the last three regular and two special called meetings since the airport was raided by the FBI on June 5.

Hullette, and his businesses Hullette Aviation, Burkemont Service Center and RANMAC, were among the individuals and businesses listed in attachment to an FBI search and seizure warrant.

Burke’s commissioners need to act quickly and decisively.

The first step will be removing Hullette from the authority. Since the FBI raid, Hullette has had nothing to do with his responsibilities to the people of Burke and Caldwell counties and Foothills Regional Airport.

After removing Hullette from the authority, Burke’s commissioners will need to find not just a suitable replacement, but an outstanding one.

It’s obvious there have been serious irregularities at Foothills Regional Airport. The Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t show up at your doorstep with a search and seizure warrant on a hunch.

Burke’s commissioners have the chance to put someone on the authority who can help right the ship.

It is our hope that the commissioners will appoint someone who knows both aviation and business. Hullette’s replacement needs to be someone who is aware of the ins and outs of an airport and won’t be in over his or her head working with other authority members.

We also believe it would be a wise decision for the commissioners to appoint someone who has enough of a business background to ask the right questions of the hands-on leadership at the airport and those who oversee the books.

Foothills Regional Airport is an important commodity to both Burke and Caldwell counties. It would be a shame to put someone who has no experience on the authority as a political favor rather than someone who will make a positive impact with the appointment.


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