Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FCC attempts to shut down Florida cable operator for violating signal leakage, EAS rules

The FCC said Thursday that it was fining Florida cable operator St. George Cable $236,500 for allegedly violating rules governing signal leakage and the Emergency Alert System, and for failing to adhere to an order to cease operations. 

According to an FCC notice, an inspector from its Tampa office discovered 33 leaks on aeronautical frequencies emanating from the cable system on St. George Island during a visit on Sept. 7, 2011. The commission ordered the system to cease operations, but the cable system remained in operation.

"We conclude St. George's actions were egregious—given the potential public safety hazard, its blatant disregard for Commission authority, and a demonstrated pattern of failing to maintain its cable system," the FCC wrote in the order.

The FCC said its inspectors returned to the system in October and March, and once again found signal leaks that could interfere with frequencies used by emergency locator transmitters on airplanes and emergency radio beacons on boats. The commission said it also discovered that St. George Cable had never installed Emergency Alert System equipment needed to relay messages to subscribers. St. George has also never registered its cable system at the FCC, according to the FCC notice.

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