Thursday, September 20, 2012

Erie International Airport/Tom Ridge Field (KERI), Pennsylvania: Construction Wrapped Up on Runway Extension

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Planes are expected to begin using the runway extension at the Erie International Airport before winter. 

  The actual construction of the extension and new safety zones is finished. Crews are just doing some final electrical work. But pilots can't begin landing or taking off until the FAA completes testing and gives the extension it's stamp of approval.

 Airport Director Chris Rodgers said, "We have to wait until the commissioning process is completed. And I am happy to report that we are well underway in the commissioning process. And we are very confident we will be able to use the fully extended runway and the instrument landing system at both ends before winter starts."

 Next year, the existing 6500 feet of main runway will be re-paved. That is the final phase of the project.

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