Sunday, August 05, 2012

Piper Seneca PA34 Oil Filter Door Mod - Bogert Aviation - Aircraft Maintenance


July 26, 2012 by Bogert Aviation 

Changing oil on Seneca II and Seneca III airplanes usually involves some clean up because the oil filter must be turned on it's side to remove it from the aircraft. This dumps dirty oil inside the engine nacelle that must be cleaned up. Even with solvent, some oil gets trapped between the lap joints and it will streak out making a mess when flown. Removing the nacelle would solve the problem but it's hard to do and takes lots of time. The answer is simple, add an access panel directly below the filter. The filter can be removed directly out the bottom of the cowling eliminating the mess and saving either the cowling removal time or the clean up time. Either way you win. This was such a good idea that Piper adopted it on late model PA34-220 T aircraft.

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