Monday, July 16, 2012

Indian paraglider pilot dies in Bulgaria

An Indian pilot has been killed after his glider crashed during a flight over the Bulgarian town of Karlovo, police said.

The incident occurred on Sunday at an altitude of about 1800 meters near the village of Vasil Levski.

The victim, identified as Delib, 44, was taking part in the ongoing Pre-World Paragliding Championship 2012 near the town of Sopot.

The Indian had 17 years of experience in paragliding and knew the terrain well, because of a previous visit here five years ago, explained Sotir Lazarkov, President of the Bulgarian national amateur flying that was organizing the event.

The victim was flying very low - between 150 and 120 m above the ground - when he was hit by a turbulent wave.  He died on the spot after failing to throw the back-up parachute.


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