Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alva Regional (KAVK), Oklahoma: Airport has record fuel sales in March

The departing Alva airport manager Tyson Tucker was unable to attend his final meeting because of the need to be out of town. In a written report, Tucker said, “In March, we had another outstanding month of fuel sales totaling $57,968.44. Tucker said the rainfall has accelerated the mowing season.

He reported that Western Equipment is continuing to lease them a tractor, but it is up $5.00 per hour to $30.00. He encouraged the airport board members to try to make arrangements with BJCC for inmate help. He said the inmates are very helpful when weeding around the lights and the runways.

Hopefully the technician who maintains the Automatic Weather Observation System will be in town soon to install the some new equipment that has arrived.

Tucker also mentioned the B-25 Fly-in which is scheduled for April 21, 2012. He said, “We are expecting a good crowd to come out and enjoy the fly-in.” People can get a ride on the huge aircraft for a fee of $425 per person.

Three members of the local VFW showed up asking if they could get permission to rent out some recreational vehicle spaces and utilities on the west side of the VFW building. George Kilmer, Gerald Wilson and Al Perks made the request.

The VFW already leases this land. The concern is will the FAA approve such a use. The Airport Board members guessed the agency might approve short term parking leases of no more than 30 days. They were skeptical any long-term housing type leases would be approved.

Joe Don Dunham, the city manager was in attendance and suggested plans be made to run sewer and water lines down toward the south end of the property so they would be in a better position to encourage aviation related businesses to locate on the airport. A small lift station would also need to be included to handle sewage. Dunham estimated it would cost about $700,000 for a turnkey job. No action was taken as this was part of thinking on long-range planning.

Because of drainage problems and other incomplete work regarding the new runway project, some of the grants provided to the city for the airport in 2009 and 2010 are not “closed out.” This roadblock will keep the city or airport board from applying for 2012 grants. Paul Kinzie told Dunham he was very frustrated that the completion and correction of the project is dragging on so long.

Another part of the problem is the FAA has yet to perform “approach pattern” flying tests to qualify the new runway for instrument landings. When that is done, the old runway will be decommissioned as a runway and $76,000 of repainting with proper markings will be required. Also, the landing lights on the old runway will need to be changed out to the color of taxiway lights.

In one other planning discussion, Chairman Bob Baker emphasized a dire need for more hangar space. He said next year's budget needs to include money for hangars. A figure of $200,000 for a unit of six t-hangars was mentioned. Concrete ramps for the hangars will cost another $200,000.

He pointed out that the amount of funding the airport is provided from the state is dependent upon how many aircraft are based in Alva. The more aircraft . . . the more money supplied and at present, there is a waiting list.

Finally, the board discussed Chesapeake's interest in constructing a CNG refueling station somewhere on airport property. The board wants to see plans.


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