Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full body scanner now part of passenger screening at Atlantic City International Airport (KACY), New Jersey

EGG HARBOR TWP.--Atlantic City International Airport unveiled a new passenger screening checkpoint, complete with a full body scanner. Officials explain though, that this technology is not as controversial as the full body scanners that made headlines across the country.

"Come on through, please. Arms up, palms facing forward." Passengers traveling though Atlantic City International Airport will now have to take a trip through a full body scanner. While often a controversial form of technology, these scanners in the new passenger screening checkpoint at the airport are different. They do not use radiation and they feature software designed to enhance privacy. "As long as they don't see what's underneath the clothes," said Eleanor Withington, from Long Branch, traveling to Tampa, Florida.

"Anything that's gonna protect us, I think is very important," said Debbie Czech from South Plainfield, "so I am more than happy and willing to do whatever they need to do."

"From a security perspective, it is top of the line technology." And that's what airport officials say is their main concern."This piece of equipment bounces harmless electromagnetic waves off of an individual's body, and helps identify any anomalies or threat objects located on a persons body," explained Thomas Coury, the Federal Security Director with the TSA at ACY.

Safety, along with keeping things moving, and keeping travelers happy is what the new area is all about. "People expect safety, that's their foremost need and I think that's our foremost concern, being safe in an airport," said Bart R. Mueller, Executive Director of the South Jersey Transportation Authority, "so if we can take the safety aspect, with the service delivery aspect and marry those two, we have a great product for our traveling public here at ACY."

With the new checkpoint up and running, the existing checkpoint will soon close for renovations, which include new equipment and another full body scanner. "It's all about our overall plan of expanding the airport and serving South Jersey and Atlantic City," explained Mueller.

ACY now joins the nearly 140 airports across the country with full body scanners, which cost about $150,000 each. Over $1.1 million dollars was invested by the SJTA to upgrade the floor plan to accommodate the new checkpoint area.

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