Tuesday, December 27, 2011

There's good news and bad news for Meridian Regional Airport.

Numbers are flat! According to Meridian Airport Authority president, Tom Williams, passenger numbers at the airport have been that way for the last six months. However, compared to the rest of the state that's good!

'I don't see any changes in air service in the immediate future and when I say that, that's a good thing because Tupelo, Greenville and Laurel/Hattiesburg have all three been told by Delta that Delta's leaving and they're trying to find another carrier to come into those. At this point we don't anticipate a change for Meridian and that's good news for Meridian,' says Williams.

Statewide, Williams says airport passenger numbers are down, but the year started very strong for Meridian Regional Airport. From January to late May and early June it led Mississippi in boarding numbers. Williams says he thinks news reports slowed the progress.

'You know it seems to follow the news reports of how the economy is doing; because in the summer that's the time they started talking about the double dip recession,' says Williams.

Meanwhile, with boarding numbers holding steady, Williams says he doesn't foresee jet service leaving Meridian anytime soon.


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