Monday, December 20, 2021

Dick Rochfort: A Night Approach and Landing in the Piper M600

Dick Rochfort, ATP, CFII - Master Instructor

Ride along with Master Instructor Dick Rochfort on an in-flight demonstration of the techniques and procedures for a night landing in the G3000 equipped Piper PA46 M600. Dick uses proper call-outs and well documented, disciplined procedures to ensure the safety of this challenging flight. Dick Rochfort is a full-time pilot trainer specializing in the Piper PA46 M600, M500, Meridian and Mirage aircraft. He provides pre-purchase valuation, training, corporate service and expert witness services worldwide. 

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    1. For Two Zero Tango: "I got a question for you. I noticed your type of aircraft and it's a M600. I looked that up and they said it's a new Piper but you're still a Meridian. How's that work?"

      From Two Zero Tango: {chuckles} "Yep, it's a upgraded Piper Meridian. 600 horsepower. King of the fleet."