Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Reid-Hillview Airport (KRHV) switching to unleaded fuel after years of complaints

SAN JOSE, California - Representatives from the local aviation community will announce Monday that planes at Reid-Hillview Airport in East San Jose will run on unleaded fuel, marking a victory for environmental and community groups that have complained for years about the dangers of leaded fuel.

Officials from the Community and Airport Partnership for Safe Operation, a nonprofit committed to keeping Reid-Hillview open, will make the official announcement Monday morning at the airport. The group said unleaded fuel will be introduced for the airport's general aviation aircraft.

"After several years of calling on Santa Clara County to allow for it, the implementation of unleaded fuel at Reid-Hillview Airport will begin this coming week," they said in a statement.

The announcement comes amid a fight over the future of the 82-year-old East San Jose airport, as a growing number of officials demand its closure citing exposure to unsafe lead levels from planes, safety concerns, noise and hopes that the land could be better used for much-needed affordable housing. Opponents, however, say the airport serves as a critical hub for smaller planes and emergency operations--something that the county's fire department denied earlier this month.

"We will be providing important updates on the availability of unleaded aviation gasoline at Reid-Hillview Airport, and several other Bay Area airports as well," John McGowan, Community and Airport Partnership for Safe Operation spokesperson and board member, told San Jose Spotlight. McGowan is a recreational pilot who has fought to keep Reid-Hillview open.

A study commissioned by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors recently revealed that some children who live within 1.5 miles of the airport have elevated blood lead levels.

But according to a San Jose Spotlight analysis, the elevated blood lead  levels found in the local study are consistent with the state average and neighboring counties. Out of 17,000 blood samples, only 1.7 percent show lead levels that call for further testing. The statewide average of children who meet the same criteria is 1.5 percent. Small amounts of lead can still deteriorate cognitive functions despite the CDC's threshold.

Still, the numbers have caused alarm for county officials, including Supervisor Cindy Chavez who has aimed to close the airport for years. Chavez says closing the airport is an environmental justice issue given the airport's location in a neighborhood of approximately 52,000 people, with some of the highest concentrations of Latinos and low-income people in the city. According to the county, there are 21 schools and childcare centers near the airport.

"This is a public health issue, it's an environmental justice issue and it's an equity issue," Chavez said earlier this month.

Supervisors voted in November to begin the planning process for closing the airport and repurposing the land. They also voted to explore the possibility of consolidating Reid-Hillview's aviation with the San Martin Airport, about 23 miles southeast of Reid-Hillview just outside of Gilroy.

The Federal Aviation Administration has studied leaded fuel and its link to cancer since at least 2010. Leaded fuel prevents damaging engine knock, or detonation, which can result in sudden engine failure.

Currently, Swift Fuels out of Indiana is the only company that offers commercially available unleaded aviation gasoline in the U.S. Shipping could cause some logistical concerns.

McGowan declined to elaborate on how or when the switch to unleaded fuel will occur. His group is holding a news conference on Monday to release more details about their plan.


  1. the only issue here is a "jealousy" issue

  2. To say that KRHV is in a congested area is to say that it is... in fact... in California. But it is impossible to build airports on the sides of mountains.
    Like most remaining airports in California, KRHV serves a large number GA aircraft but already restricts jets and other “noisy“ aircraft. The 3100’ runways are already well displaced (obviously for noise abatement reasons) although there are 4 lane roads at either end with a park on the other side of one and a giant mall on the other.
    The airport is flanked by Capital Expressway and a solar voltaic farm and is 20 miles from the nearest GA airport.
    A cursory look at google maps shows numerous swimming pools behind cramped but well appointed homes that in no way resemble “the projects”.The streets are clean but also empty of shade tree hangouts and shopping cart homeless.
    The neighborhood is far newer than the 1942 opening date of the airport. So no body could ever say that anyone ever bought a house in this area without complete knowledge of the airport’s presence.
    We constantly read of plane having to make emergency landings in fields all over the US but in Cali they have to choose streets, parking lots or houses because that is all they have choose from. Like I said, the sides of mountains make terrible airports.

  3. I hate driving by airports and getting lead all over my car! WTF?

  4. And how is the leaded fuel related to the ethnicity of the neighbors, Ms. Chavez?
    I'm an A&P/ IA, CFI. Around aircraft more than I want to be. I smell the exhaust. Avgas runs down my arms at times when working on fuel systems. (If you think gloves would help, try replacing a bladder or fuel selector valve, then comment!) It's hard to do without a mess. Static charges can be a real concern in the winter.
    I also use 100ll at home for small engines due to its excellent storage properties mainly. (Gas storage additives are questionable band aids, 100ll really keeps well.)
    So, due to my obvious risk, I have blood lead levels checked each year. It was SLIGHTLY elevated a few years ago...minimal precautions have dropped it to virtually zero. I also do some lead bullet casting as a hobby.
    The point of mentioning my own health and carelessness is that the aircraft probably have no measurable impact on the poor kids. Maybe they're eating paint.
    Some people have a strong desire to be victims. Of other people. Of "the system".
    OH! The injustice of it all! Somebody must pay!

    1. You forgot to mention the lead in solder of residential water pipes....


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