Sunday, October 11, 2020

Piper PA-32R-300 Cherokee Lance, N3445Q: Accident occurred October 10, 2020 near Kimberling Airport (MO64), Stone County, Missouri

This is preliminary information, subject to change, and may contain errors. Any errors in this report will be corrected when the final report has been completed.

The National Transportation Safety Board did not travel to the scene of this accident.

Additional Participating Entity:
Federal Aviation Administration / Flight Standards District Office; Kansas City, Missouri

Location: Kimberling City, MO 
Accident Number: CEN21LA014
Date & Time: October 10, 2020, 13:30 Local 
Registration: N3445Q
Aircraft: Piper PA32R
Injuries: 2 Serious
Flight Conducted Under: Part 91: General aviation - Personal

Aircraft and Owner/Operator Information

Aircraft Make: Piper 
Registration: N3445Q
Model/Series: PA32R 
Aircraft Category: Airplane
Amateur Built: No
Operating Certificate(s) Held: None
Operator Designator Code:

Meteorological Information and Flight Plan

Conditions at Accident Site: 
Condition of Light:
Observation Facility, Elevation: Observation Time:
Distance from Accident Site:
Temperature/Dew Point:
Lowest Cloud Condition:
Wind Speed/Gusts, Direction: / ,
Lowest Ceiling:
Altimeter Setting: 
Type of Flight Plan Filed:
Departure Point: 

Wreckage and Impact Information

Crew Injuries: 1 Serious 
Aircraft Damage: Destroyed
Passenger Injuries: 1 Serious
Aircraft Fire: On-ground
Ground Injuries: 
Aircraft Explosion: None
Total Injuries: 2 Serious
Latitude, Longitude: 36.62629,-93.423947 (est)

STONE COUNTY, Missouri (KY3) - A group of neighbors vacationing near the old Sleepy Hollow Resort spent their Saturday afternoon painting a community shed.

Chris Wiehe said, they heard a plane flying above them around 1:30 p.m. He said they’re used to planes flying over their lake house because they’re close to Kimberling Airport.

But something seemed unusual.

“You can hear the engine, see the tow bar. They were way too low," said Chris Wiehe.

Next door, Mark Hill was sitting on his patio with his wife, when he too noticed something unusual with the plane.

“Clipped that tree. Put debris on top of our awning. Took out more trees," said Mark Hill.

A plane crashed the crashed and instantly went up in flames. Neighbors were among the first to respond to the fiery crash.

“We got garden hoses and started hosing it down," said Sean Johnson.

Wiehe said he kept his garden hose inside the plane.

“I just put water inside the window as best as possible," said Wiehe.

They said the pilot was able to kick his door and get out, but they had to pull the passenger out.

“The flames were intense, but we knew we had to get them out of there," said Johnson.

While they waited for emergency personnel to arrive, the group of neighbors comforted them.

“She was very worried about her husband who couldn’t get up from the ground in that point of time. All she was trying to do was console him and you could tell she was hurt extremely bad," said Wiehe.

For the neighbors, this crash showed them how precious life is.

“My grandson was asleep 80 feet away where the plane crashed," said Hill

They’re all relieved the passengers made it out alive.

“It was a miracle to have the first aid that was rendered. My family was safe. The pilot and his wife survived. This could of been a story with a completely different ending,” said Hill.

Wiehe said the passengers looked like they were in their 70′s. They were transported to a local hospital as a precaution.

Multiple agencies reported to scene, but Missouri Highway Patrol says they’re investigating before the Federal Aviation Administration takes over.


  1. “You can hear the engine, see the tow bar. They were way too low,"

    ^^See the tow bar? What is he saying? This aircraft took off with the tow bar still attached?

  2. I resemble that remark, because I am guilty of 2 TO's with the tow bar still attached to a Diamond DA40. My bad :(

    1. Wow. I've never had to use them in rentals or ownership. My question is how can that not be noticed even with nose wheel steering and the handle popping around taxiway imperfections, let alone during takeoff roll at high speed. I don't understand!

  3. Those neighbors with their garden hoses may very well have saved the pilot and passenger's lives. Good job!