Saturday, August 29, 2020

Minuteman Aviation Inc: Missoula aviation company seeing more private planes fly in

MISSOULA, Montana - While airports across the country are struggling with less travelers, a Montana aviation business is seeing the opposite.

The pandemic continues to take a hit to the Missoula International Airport (MSO).

“We’re running at about 55 percent of normal in terms of passengers,” Cris Jensen the MSO director said.

He said the MSO numbers aren’t great this summer, it’s better than what other international airports across the country are seeing.

But while MSO is suffering, Jensen said over at Minuteman Aviation, a tenant of MSO that specializes in private jets and smaller aircraft, they’re seeing more private planes land.

“Memorial day to labor day that’s when we see a lot of vacation travel and based on that time period we’re definitely seeing an increase,” Josh Johnson, the director of ground operations at Minuteman Aviation said.

Travelers are flying into Missoula from all over the country said Johnson. The increase is significant.

“I would say it’s about a 40 maybe even 50 percent increase over last year,” he said.

Jensen said more private planes landing is not just happening in Missoula but across Big Sky Country.

“All the airports in Montana, all the commercial service airports in Montana, are seeing a similar uptick in numbers. Our general aviation activity, which is the corporate jets down to the small single engine aircrafts,” Jensen said.

The possible reason?

“We see a lot of travelers to take advantage of the scenery and the great state we live in,” Johnson said.

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