Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Mooney M20V Acclaim Ultra, N576CM: Accident occurred June 11, 2019 near Deer Valley Airport (KDVT), Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona

The National Transportation Safety Board traveled to the scene of this accident. 

Additional Participating Entities:
Federal Aviation Administration / Flight Standards District Office; Scottsdale, Arizona
Continental Motors; Mobile, Alabama
Mooney; Kerrville, Texas

Aviation Accident Preliminary Report - National Transportation Safety Board:

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Accident Number: WPR19LA167
Date & Time: 06/11/2019, 1451 MST
Registration: N576CM
Aircraft: MOONEY M20V
Injuries: 1 Serious
Flight Conducted Under:  Part 91: General Aviation - Personal 

On June 11, 2019, about 1451 mountain standard time, a Mooney M20V airplane, N576CM, collided with streetlight poles and a concrete Jersey barrier during a forced landing, near Deer Valley Airport (DVT), Phoenix, Arizona. The private pilot was seriously injured. The airplane was substantially damaged. The airplane was registered to and operated by the pilot under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 as a personal flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a visual flight rules flight plan was filed for the cross-country flight. The flight departed Scottsdale Airport (SDL), Scottsdale, Arizona about 1437 and was destined for Carson Airport (CXP), Carson City, Nevada.

According to Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications, about 7 minutes after departure, and about 8 miles northwest of DVT, at an altitude of 9,100 ft mean sea level (msl), the pilot reported a "rough running engine" and subsequently declared an emergency. The controller offered the pilot Pleasant Valley Airport (P48), Peoria, Arizona, which was near his position, and Glendale Municipal Airport (GEU), Glendale, Arizona, 12 miles south of his position for possible landing airports. The pilot chose GEU and turned to the south and lined up for the approach to runway 19. A few minutes later, at about 4,700 ft msl, the pilot decided that he was not going to reach GEU and turned eastward towards DVT which was about 8 miles to the east. No other transmissions from the pilot were recorded. The track continued on its eastern track before it ended near the accident site, about 2 miles west of DVT.

According to a witness, he stated that he saw the airplane as it approached the street from the west, avoiding high tension wires on the south side of the street, by banking to its left. The airplane then impacted two light poles, separating the right wing, and somersaulting across the south side of the street, impacting a concrete Jersey barrier and sliding about 50 ft before coming to rest inverted.

The wreckage debris field was about 360 ft long and was contained within the 4-lane street and on the south side sidewalk area. The main wreckage cabin area was mostly consumed by postimpact fire. All flight control surfaces were located, and flight control continuity was established. Engine control continuity was also established from the cabin engine controls to their associated engine components. During the recovery of the wreckage, it was noted that the left-wing fuel tank had an undetermined quantity of fuel. The wreckage was recovered to a secured facility for further examination.

The airplane was manufactured in 2019 and was equipped with a Continental Motors TSIO-550-G series engine. The airplane was purchased by the pilot on May 6, 2019. 

Aircraft and Owner/Operator Information

Aircraft Make:  MOONEY
Registration: N576CM
Model/Series: M20V
Aircraft Category: Airplane
Amateur Built: No
Operator: On file
Operating Certificate(s) Held: None 

Meteorological Information and Flight Plan

Conditions at Accident Site: Visual Conditions
Condition of Light: Day
Observation Facility, Elevation: KGEU, 1066 ft msl
Observation Time: 2154 UTC
Distance from Accident Site: 13 Nautical Miles
Temperature/Dew Point: 42°C / 2°C
Lowest Cloud Condition: Scattered / 20000 ft agl
Wind Speed/Gusts, Direction: 7 knots / , 200°
Lowest Ceiling:
Visibility:  10 Miles
Altimeter Setting: 29.91 inches Hg
Type of Flight Plan Filed: VFR
Departure Point: Scottsdale, AZ (SDL)
Destination: Carson City, NV (CXP)

Wreckage and Impact Information

Crew Injuries: 1 Serious
Aircraft Damage: Substantial
Passenger Injuries: N/A
Aircraft Fire: On-Ground
Ground Injuries: N/A
Aircraft Explosion: On-Ground
Total Injuries: 1 Serious
Latitude, Longitude:  33.683611, -112.126944 (est)

Mark Brandemuehl Family Fund

PHOENIX — Each day has been a life-and-death struggle for a pilot since a small plane crashed west of the Deer Valley Airport last week, his wife told 12 News.

The Mooney M20V Acclaim Ultra nearly hit at least one driver when it crashed near 31st Avenue and Deer Valley Road on June 11, according to Phoenix firefighters. The pilot, Mark Brandemuehl of Mountain View, California, was pulled from the burning plane and taken to the hospital in critical condition.

His wife, Jenny, said her husband has gone through surgeries almost every day since the crash. She has been staying in the Phoenix area to be close to her husband and closely monitor his progress at the Arizona Burn Center.

Jenny said Mark suffered severe burns to more than 85% of his body. She said Mark is in good physical shape for a man in his 50s, which is helping him.

"All we can do is pray and hope for the best," she said. 

Jenny said she credits the people who pulled Mark from the plane for saving his life.

Mark's family and friends have been reaching out, sending their best wishes. Jenny said Mark has been a large influence in the lives of his friends and co-workers at the computer software company where he works.

The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the cause of the plane crash. 

Story and video ➤

Mark Brandemuehl

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The family of a man who was seriously hurt following a fiery plane crash in North Phoenix Tuesday has confirmed the man's identity to FOX 10.

According to the man's family, the victim's name is Mark Brandemuehl, a 50-year-old who works as a senior vice president for a company called the Nevada Nanotech System. The man was heading to Nevada before the crash.

Brandemuehl is in the Maricopa County Burn Unit with 2nd and 3rd-degree burns. He was the only person onboard the Mooney M20V Acclaim Ultra, and was heading from Scottsdale to Carson City, Nevada when for some reason, he circled back toward Deer Valley Airport. He later crashed on Deer Valley Road.

Story and video ➤

PHOENIX, Arizona — Authorities say a pilot has been critically burned after a small plane crashed near 31st Avenue and Deer Valley Road.

The Phoenix Fire Department says crews were dispatched to the scene around 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon after the Mooney M20V Acclaim Ultra crashed and burst into flames.

The 50-year-old pilot was the only person aboard and suffered second- and third-degree burns, officials say.

The man was transported to the hospital in critical condition. He is not being identified at this time.

Federal Aviation Administration officials say the plane took off from Scottsdale Airport and was headed to Carson City, Nevada when it went down about two miles west of the Deer Valley Airport.

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the crash.

Story and video ➤


Anonymous said...

That plane was brand new!

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Mooney probably has another just like it on the production line.

Wishing the pilot full and quick recovery.

cunn9305 said...

pray for him .. because his chances for survival with those type of burns and likely severe inhalational injuries are very slim

Gavin said...

I think his point is how does a brand new Acclaim go down. What could have caused such a terrible accident with a most likely perfectly operating aircraft? Not shame that the bird died. Wishing the pilot a full recovery. I'll be following this story for updates from tha e NTSB.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he had troubles and turned around to try and make the airport. Ended up a couple miles short.

Anonymous said...

If prayer didn't prevent the accident, it's not going to help the injured. I'm happy the pilot was able to use his training and skill to prevent a more serious accident and I'm thankful for first responders for their efforts and vocation.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to pray for him.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a perioperative physician before I became a cardiovascular surgeon. A few patients have asked me to pray with them before starting surgery. I consider it an important part of being there for them. Both as a provider and prayer warrior.

Heavenly Father, Thank You for a life, Captain Brandemuehl, that is valuable to us and to those around him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My hope is that he pulls through. One day he might stumble upon this website and see there were people out there pulling for him. Get well Mark.

Anonymous said...

Youth error - maturity - old age
Just like human beings mechanical systems are subjected to those rules. It's called the bathtub reliability curve too.
First 20 hrs in a brand new plane are as dangerous as if it had 5000 on an engine with no overhaul.

Leo said...

New or old, high time or low ... airplanes are machines, very complex machines with lots of moving parts. Machines break. When you step into an airplane as PIC, you had better start thinking about when your machine will break and how you’ll deal with it. I’m 60, been flying since I was 20. In those 40 years I’ve had a couple break, I’ve learned to rehearse .. prepare .. take command of the situation.

Prayers for this mans recovery. Thank god he has the chance to live.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of the accident look horrific. Prayers to the pilot as he has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but with his family's support, a strong will to live and the grace of God he'll pull through. As a pilot you have to be humble that something like this could be right around the corner for you. He could have had engine failure and was making a perfect off-airport landing only to "catch" a wire right before touchdown sending him out of control.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brandemuehl,
I am praying for your complete recovery after your surgeries. I pray you’ll come back stronger and better than ever... with full energy in your lively soul!

Anonymous said...

I think that ATC could have saved this crash but offered the wrong airport.
"ATC offered P48 and GEU for the emergency" From the planes location, GEU was much further than DVT where he finally turned towards after realizing he couldn't make GEU. DVT was close and has plenty of facilities for the crippled Mooney to land if he had gone there first.

Also go to the nearest airport, (weather permitting) that has enough runway for your emergency. Don't always trust ATC ....verify!!

Kell490 said...

They offered Pleasant Valley and Deer Valley he wanted Glendale. Doesn't make any sense to me if your single engine running rough land nearest pay mechanic to drive out there fix it. Lesson learned running rough engine go to closest runway. He could have made pleasant Valley easy. How he survived the crash god only knows, but my guess his injuries never pass a medical his days are over flying. Hope he recovers sounds like he will.

Kell490 said...

The man who pulled him from the plane is the real hero he was the only one who ran toward the burning plane got him out right be before it exploded.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ agree ... a REAL HERO

Praying for a full recover.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Mark. Get well.

Anonymous said... reports that he will undergo amputation of both his legs and partial amputation of his hands.

Cruzinchris said...

I have been watching this developing story and I was hoping for a better outcome for Mark. Saying a prayer for him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Mark is a colleague of mine. He is alive but in a very very critical state with a bleak outlook returning to a normal life, if he survives. For those who read this .. please take 30 secs and say a prayer for Mark, His wife Jenny , His children, His siblings etc .. They are going thru a horrible experience. Everyone is emotionally paralyzed. God help him and his family.

Anonymous said...

God bless his whole family and especially his wife and children. Praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

This new Mooney Acclaim Ultra is made with a composite cabin over the classic Mooney steel tube cage (unlike all other Mooney's built since 1960 which have an aluminum fuselage). I wonder if the fuel ignited burning composites so close to the pilot contributed to the spread of the fire and the severity of his burns.

cunn9305 said...

Each new day is its own small miracle, another chance for the body and the mind to heal .. and to fight.
Prayers for healing, grace and strength to all.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Please keep Mark and his family in your prayers ... the situation has entered into a grim phase .. just an absolutely awful experience . May God shed his grace and blessings on everyone who lingers in this tragedy. No one on this planet should ever go thru what Mark and his family have endured ..

Anonymous said...

I have 500 hrs. I had 6 problems and 3 emergencies regarding engine troubles including rough running and a hole in the crankshaft. One has to always flies assuming there will be a major emergency on tekeoff or after.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ It might ruin things for you but not everyone ... That would be a BROAD brush.

I hope you have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Praying for the family. So sorry for your pain. Remain strong.

Anonymous said...

"The most important support we are asking for are your continued prayers and support for Mark, Jenny and family." The Brandemuehl Family

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor, DON'T visit this blog.

Anonymous said, "So many virtue signaling comments about prayer. Keep the comments informative and technical. Religion ruins everything." Monday, July 15, 2019 at 11:25:00 AM EDT.

Anonymous said...

Your entire family is in our daily prayers. Remember, with God, all things are possible! He is your strongest source of hope through this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Mark, I'm sending you endless love and healing prayers. The endurance of your spirit is beyond comprehension in the most magical way. Sending love to all the people supporting you through this. Stay strong....

Anonymous said...

Sending continued support, love and encouragement to all of you. You are truly an inspiration for your strength and togetherness. I pray for Mark and Jenny every day.

Maening said...

FlyQ will show you all your close airports as augmented reality and show you your ability to glide to each. No need to pray, just fly the aircraft. While everyone hopes the pilot survives, his injuries are catastrophic. Peace to him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Remain strong.

Anonymous said...

I am ex-employee of Mooney. A structures lead with almost 40 years of experience in the US aviation and related industry. In February 2019 I raised a question over the new fiberglass shell, which as I have been told by my superior and a peer, was never tested for the emergency landing, crash, etc..
I expressed my worries that the fiberglass (brittle, upon impact will shatter, produce splinters preventing egress) is not same as the earlier proven metallic covering (ductile) over the roll cage, and that it would be a good idea to add a fire resistant Kevlar (or similar material) on the inside of the fiberglass shell to prevent the splinters to enter in case of the impact, and then test it by a real-life situation, i.e., an impact. My suggestion was ignored by Mooney, and I was fired under the pretext 3 weeks later.

I filled the complaint of violation FAR 23.601 and 23.2270 (a)(c)(d) with the FAA, first in San Antonio in person, and then online with D.C. In person in S.A. it was on 4/10, online on 4/15/2019.
FAA investigation team from San Antonio visited Mooney in Kerrville, TX on 4/19/19. In later FAA report (dated 6/19 - 8 days after this horrible accident -- FAA knew about this!) which I received under the FOIA request I was informed, that "FAA did not find any non compliance with the applicable regulations, etc.". My claim was dismissed in time when FAA were aware for several days about this horrible tragedy. In the FAA report strangely was missing the reference to my objection to violation of 23.2270 (a)(c). Clear cover up. Simple: metallic coverings, as in past, ain't no burn. E-glass, as reported by NTSB and seen on videos did ..

If FAA investigation team from San Antonio would do their job on 4/19/19 honestly, then on 5/6/19 Mark would not able to buy his M20 Ultra Acclaim, and would be with his family a happy healthy man today.

The today Mooney is not Mooney of past. It is owned by incompetent chinese commies with money. Continental Motors are Chinese owned too. One way or the other, this horrible tragedy can not be reversed.
Corruption at highest level !!!!!
My second complain dissmised by FAA was, that on the composite M10 POC Mooney BONDED the wing assembly to the fuselage, after 130 hrs the NDT inspection found a disbond. Little more time, and when airborne, the wings would be ripped off! Incredible, but this is the aviation industry in the US today, especially when owned by Chinese.
Be Lord Lord Jesus Christ with Mark and his family. Amen.

Unknown said...

I don’t think prayer is meant to change events or circumstances (although it can) as much as it is meant to help us to change ourselves and our hearts and help us lead better lives... and by virtue of that, it does actually lead to miracles