Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Cessna 182: Incident occurred April 29, 2019 near Lawrence Municipal Airport (KLWM), North Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts

NORTH ANDOVER, Massachusetts  - Authorities are investigating after the pilot of a Cessna C182 reported two blue lasers illuminating the aircraft Monday night.

The pilot was approximately 7 miles from Lawrence Municipal Airport in North Andover when he noticed the lasers, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

There were no injuries.

The aircraft took off from Portland, Maine and was heading for Bedford, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Massachusetts State Police Department has been notified.

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LAWRENCE, Massachusetts  — The pilot of a Cessna C182 reported Monday night that two blue lasers illuminated the aircraft while it was in flight, according to a spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration.

The plane at the time was seven miles from Lawrence Municipal Airport, the spokesperson said. It had taken off from Portland, Maine, and was headed for Bedford, Massachusetts.

No injuries were reported aboard the plane, which has four-seats and a single engine.

Federal Aviation Administration officials notified Massachusetts State Police after receiving the report, the spokesperson said. Both organizations will investigate.

Though it can carry a heavy penalty, many laser incidents are accidental or done without malice, under the assumption that trying to reach an aircraft with a hand-held laser is harmless.

While a hand-held laser or laser pointer projects a bright, focused beam and millimeter-sized dot when used at close range, the beam spreads as it travels. Then when the light hits the curved and imperfect plexiglass of an airplane cockpit or helicopter, the light scatters, producing a bright burst similar to a camera flash going off in a dark room.

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