Friday, February 02, 2018

A new ramp and hangars for Venice Municipal Airport (KVNC)

Venice, FL (WWSB) - It's a busy scene at the Venice Airport as construction crews and pilots share the same space.

"We're removing and rehabilitating all of the old Army Air Corps ramp," explained Airport Director Mark Cervasio.

The original concrete was laid in the early 1940's when Venice Airport was used by the United States Army as a training base. The 12-inch-thick concrete is being removed and recycled.

"We're bringing that back in and we're using that as a base for the new asphalt. Not only are we saving concrete but we're also saving environmentally, by shipping it out," Cervasio said.

The project costs $4.5 million-dollars and is largely being paid for through a Federal Aviation Administration grant.

"90% FAA money, 5% FDOT money, and 5% airport money," Cervasio said.

Next to the ramp is the shell of a new airplane hangar. The airport has an extensive waiting list for it's existing hangars. The new one will provide 14 additional spots for pilots to rent.

"Assuming that it'll be full based on that waiting list; that'll be about $88,000 a year for the airport fund," said Cervasio.

That project, too, is recieveing outside financial help. It's costing $1.4 million but, 80% of it is being funded by the state.

"It's pretty disruptive but on the other hand it's really valuable," said Paul Holloway.

Pilots like Holloway say they're glad the work is being done... especially new tie downs that are being built. That way plane owners can secure their aircraft to the ground in the event of high winds.

"People have had to move their airplanes out to other parking spaces but they've done a great job and I don't think you hear any complaints with any pilots," Holloway said.

We spoke to several other aircraft owners who all shared the same sentiment, they're glad for the work... but, they'll be glad when it's over in March.

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