Saturday, October 07, 2017

Opposition to Tulelake Municipal Airport (O81) fence wrong

The proposed fence around Tule Lake Airport is not a complicated issue. Political forces from around the globe are mobilized by the San Francisco- based Tule Lake Committee to shut down our airport. It is easy for the TLC to get 37,000 urban people to sign a petition. Rural Americans are outnumbered.

The TLC has shown total disregard for the wants and needs of local citizens and is indicative of the current political movement to destroy Rural America!

A TLC email states, “Having an airport, even a small and primitive airport operating in the middle of this concentration campsite is inappropriate and demeans the memory of more than 24,000 people incarcerated at Tule Lake. The fence will eliminate opportunities for Japanese Americans and others to visit, reflect and morn.” Not true! There is already an old fence around the airport.

Macy’s Flying Service is a major employer in Modoc County and has been since 1956. They are good citizens providing an important service to our agricultural community. The TLC is motivated by some sense of entitlement for wrongs done by none of us who live here now.

President George W. Bush established by presidential proclamation on Dec. 5, 2008 the WWII Valor of the Pacific National Monument assigning 35 acres of the former Tule Lake Camp as a national monument. I support that totally.

The General Plan at the time was to work toward a powerful visitor center. It has been nine years and the only action taken by the TLC has been filing lawsuits designed to close our airport.

Satsuki Ina who was born inside Tule Lake said, “Besides being utterly unnecessary in such a desolate place, such a fence would desecrate the physical and spiritual aspects of Tule Lake.” I have lived 43 years in this “primitive and desolate place” and support Modoc County Airport Plan.

David Porter Misso

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