Friday, October 20, 2017

Challenger II, N91520: Incident occurred October 19, 2017 in Wheeler, Jasper County, Illinois

An 86-year-old man who crashed an ultralight aircraft he was flying in Jasper County on Thursday evening was taken to HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital in Effingham for treatment, authorities said.

Arthur C. Michels, of rural Wheeler, was flying a 1998 Challenger Ultralight about 1.5 miles north of his residence when the craft lost engine power, according to Illinois State Police.

"It just quit," said Michels' wife, Florence Michels.

She said her husband, who has been flying ultralights for several years, remained in the hospital on Friday afternoon. But he was doing well, she said.

Attempting to land, Michels was about 20 feet above the ground when the aircraft spiraled down and crashed, police said.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said ultralights are not required to register with the agency. The FAA, which was contacted about the crash, turned the investigation back over to local law enforcement, said the spokesman, Tony Molinaro.

An ultralight is a category of airplanes that weigh less than 254 pounds fully loaded and can go no faster than 55 knots (63.3 mph,) among other restrictions, according to FAA regulations.

Pilots are required to be trained and licensed, but the requirements are not as stringent as those for a private pilot's license or commercial aviation, according to the regulations.

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