Saturday, September 30, 2017

Study Says Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Generates Nearly $16 Million

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport generates nearly $16 million in economic benefits for the Twin Cities area, according to a recent study done by InterVISTAS Consulting.

The study focused on the direct and indirect economic impact of the airport, as well as the spending impact of visitors.

The study states that MSP supports over 86,9000 jobs and generates $15.9 billion in total economic output.

The airport also saw 5.2 million visitors, who spent $2.5 million in seven metro counties.

"MSP International Airport does more than get people and cargo from point to point. It serves as a powerful catalyst for the area economy," Executive Director and CEO of the Metropolitan Airports Commission Brian Ryks said in a statement. "We tend to take air service for granted in a city with a thriving major airport, but the value of that service to our economy underscores the need to continue investing in airport infrastructure and partnering with airlines to initiate or expand service." 

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