Monday, June 26, 2017

Marin County Airport / Gnoss Field (KDVO) runway to close for month-long overhaul

The runway at Marin County Airport in Novato will be overhauled this fall in a $1.7 million project that includes repaving.

The Marin County Board of Supervisors signed off on the plan last week, allowing work to begin in September. The runway will be closed about 30 to 40 days for the project.

“The airport runway is in a condition that needs to be repaired,” said Raul Rojas, director of the county’s Department of Public Works. “It’s old and has a lot of cracks in it. We want to make it as safe a runway as we can for pilots and the aircraft.”

The 3,300-foot long, 75-foot wide runway used for business and recreational purposes is deteriorating, Rojas said. Cracking and sagging is evident and previous crack repairs are failing.

County public works crews will oversee renovations at the site, also known as Gnoss Field. The runway will be completely resurfaced, and the base structure underneath leveled and rebuilt. Improvements also will be made to taxiways, drainage and pavement markings.

The runway does not include the long-discussed and potential runway extension, which the Federal Aviation Administration will consider at a later date. FAA officials began reassessing the recommended extension length earlier this year.

Dan Jensen, the airport manager, said the rehabilitation project will create a safer and more enjoyable experience for its pilots. The airport has about 85,000 flights a year.

“The improvements will provide a better experience for the airport’s users and also will open up new possibilities for future aviation services,” Jensen said. “This is a much-needed step in ensuring the longevity and functionality of Gnoss Field.”

Project costs are estimated at $1.68 million, with an additional $225,000 in construction management and testing costs, but an FAA grant is expected to cover about 90 percent of the expense. Local funding, mostly from the airport tenants’ hangar fees, will pay for the remaining 10 percent financed over four years. Exact costs will be known once the project goes through the construction bidding process in August.

“Having a runway that provides a good safe landing is very helpful to the pilots. It’s a concern of ours and it’s an issue to the pilots. It’s something that needs to get done,” Rojas said.

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