Thursday, February 09, 2017

Incident occurred at Beaumont Municipal Airport (KBMT), Jefferson County, Texas

Beaumont Fire Captain Brad Penisson confirmed that the pilot who made an emergency landing Thursday afternoon at the Beaumont Municipal Airport is safe.

"By the time we got out there he was was out of the plane and walking around," Penisson said.

Penisson said the pilot reported plane problems and smoke from the plane's cockpit to dispatch, but when firefighters arrived to scene there was no fire.


BEAUMONT - Engine problems forced the landing of a small plane at the Beaumont Municipal Airport .

Beaumont firefighters responded after being notified by air traffic controllers that Cessna was landing at the airport with one person on board and smoke in the cockpit.

The engine problems are what caused the smoke, however, the plane landed without incident and the pilot walked away unharmed.


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