Thursday, January 19, 2017

Morrisville-Stowe State Airport (KMVL) hyper-busy for holiday weekend

Martin Luther King weekend was rocking at the Morrisville-Stowe Airport.

Stowe Aviation chief executive officer Russ Barr said 17 flights came in Friday night. On Monday, 16 arrived and 17 departed.

Those are huge numbers for the small airport.

“We were bursting at the seams,” Barr said.

Three years ago, before the airport finished renovating its runway, there were no flights on Martin Luther King weekend, according to Barr.

The state aeronautics administrator, Guy Rouelle, saluted the airport, saying the flight activity was unprecedented.

“I have not seen this type of activity at one of our state airports, including Rutland. I’m speaking from 30 years’ experience associated with Vermont aviation,” Rouelle wrote.

The flight list at Morrisville-Stowe Airport was star-studded, too; passengers included CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and artist Jeff Koons.

“Here we are, the little airport that could. It’s really positive for the economy and the community,” Barr said.

He attributes the airport’s weekend boom to the work the airport staff has done with renovation and negotiating partnerships with airlines such as Tradewinds.

“We definitely need to continue the development this spring and build out everything we were building out,” Barr said. “We have to catch up with the demand. The demand is definitely there.”


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