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Piper PA28R-200, N2806R: Fatal accident occurred December 31, 2016 in Vienna, Johnson County, Illinois

CURT R. TERPSTRA: http://registry.faa.govN2806R 

FAA Flight Standards District Office: SPRINGFIELD


Date: 31-DEC-16
Time: 23:43:00Z
Regis#: N2806R
Aircraft Make: PIPER
Aircraft Model: PA28
Event Type: ACCIDENT
Highest Injury: FATAL
Aircraft Missing: No
Activity: PERSONAL
Flight Phase: EN ROUTE (ENR)
Operation: 91


Those who may have information that might be relevant to the National Transportation Safety Board investigation may contact them by email, and any friends and family who want to contact investigators about the accident should email

Curt Terpstra

Curt and Chip Terpstra

Curt Terpstra

A Pella man was one of four people killed in a plane crash Saturday night near Vienna, Illinois, officials reported.

The plane that crashed was identified through an FAA database that tracks the ownership of airplanes by county. According to the database and family members, the plane was owned by North Mahaska High School graduate Curt Terpstra, of Pella, who co-owned Terpstra Masonry in Pella with his brother, Chip.

The crash occurred at about 5:30 p.m. Dec. 31. No cause has yet been identified.

Michael and Marcia Terpstra identified one of the victims as their son, Curt Terpstra. The other passengers involved in the crash have been identified by the Johnson County, Illinois Coroner as Jordan Linder, 35 of Iowa, Jasmine Linder, 26 of Iowa and Krista Green, 37 of Iowa. 

"[I'm in] Utter shock," Michael Terpstra said of the accident. "I don't know what happened. They were headed to Nashville. "

Michael Terpstra and another family member said a passenger on the plane took photos and sent them via a social media site to friends and relatives.

"They had taken some photos earlier [in the flight], there were clouds and it was clear," he said.

Marcia Terpstra said at one point, the passenger sent a photo of the storm outside the plane.

"All the sudden they were sending pictures of a storm they were in," Marcia Terpstra said.

The Chronicle was able to contact two other members of the Terpstra family through social media messages, but few details on the crash were available at 9:02 p.m., Jan. 2.

Michael Terpstra said his son, Curt, was an excellent pilot and had recently started an agricultural aviation business.

The plane crash happened in a wooded area outside of Vienna, Illinois, confirmed Eric Weiss, an official with the National Transportation Safety Guard.

The plane was a single-engine Piper model PA-28R-200, Weiss said. The other passengers in the plane at the time of the accident have not been officially identified.

Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board began taking a closer look into the accident at about 9 a.m., Jan. 1, Weiss said.

According to the Associated Press there were two men and two women victims.


A small plane that crashed in Illinois Saturday, killing four people, was owned by a Pella man, federal records show.

The plane, a single-engine Piper, crashed in the woods near the southern Illinois town of Vienna Saturday night.

Eric Weiss, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board, said Monday that other officials gave his agency a tail number corresponding to a plane owned by a Pella man. Online federal records show the plane was a Piper PA28R-200, built in 1969.

Illinois authorities had not identified the four victims by Sunday afternoon. The Des Moines Register did not immediately publish the owner’s name, because it was unable to confirm if he was aboard and authorities said they still were trying to notify victims' relatives about the deaths. The Associated Press reported the victims were two men and two women.

Weiss said investigators hope to have the wreckage moved into an enclosed facility by Tuesday, so they could take a closer look into what caused the crash.

The crash happened in a heavily wooded area outside of Vienna, which is between St. Louis, Mo., and Nashville, Tenn. A nearby resident, David Oliver, told WPSD-TV that the plane flew low near his house.

"Ten or 15 seconds later, we heard the crash," he said. Oliver said it took rescuers a substantial amount of time to find the wreck in the darkened woods.


WSIL -- UPDATE: On Sunday, federal investigators arrived to the scene of plane crash that killed four people in Johnson County.

The crash happened around 5:45 p.m. in a wooded area southeast of Vienna.

Investigators will examine the wreckage to determine what caused the plane to crash.

ORIGINAL STORY (Saturday, Dec. 31):

Four people were killed after a small plane crashed in a wooded area southeast of Vienna in Johnson County.

The Johnson County coroner said the victims are two adult men and two adult women.

Their names have not been released.

The Illinois state police said the victims are from Iowa.

The FAA identified the plane as a Piper PA28 and say it crashed under unknown circumstances.

Residents said they saw the plane crash into the wooded area near Crossroads Road around 5:45 p.m. on Saturday.

Initial reports said locals saw a plane flying low, then heard something crashing into the woods, followed by a "big fireball."

Larry Greer, a local resident, spoke to a couple who he said saw the plane right before it crashed.

"They didn't know if it was a plane or a helicopter at first, it was so loud and so low," said Greer. "They thought it was going to take the roof of their house off. They said they looked outside and they could see the plane and they could see fire coming from the plane."

Authorities used drones and UTVs to find the plane crash site.

Crews will be back at the crash site on Sunday, along with investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board.

Story and video:

VIENNA, IL (KFVS) - Autopsies have been scheduled for the four people who died in a plane crash near Vienna, IL on Saturday, December 31. 

Authorities have confirmed that there were four deaths and no survivors from the crash.

According to Johnson County Deputy Coroner Penny Rockwell, the four victims were two male adults and two female adults. Police said all of the people on board were from Iowa 

Rockwell said there is an autopsy scheduled for Monday, Jan. 2 for the person presumed to be the pilot. Autopsies for the other victims are scheduled after that.

The names of the victims will be released after they have all been properly identified

According to the FAA, the aircraft involved is a Piper PA-28 single engine plane.

Multiple agencies responded to the area. Media personnel were moved away from the scene of the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

Story and video:

JOHNSON COUNTY, IL - The Federal Aviation Administration confirms, a Piper PA28 has crashed in rural Vienna under unknown circumstances.

They also tell Local 6 fatalities are reported, although the amount of damage is unknown.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department also confirmed to Local 6 that a private aircraft had crashed earlier in the evening, and they were dealing with a fire on scene in a field in the 900 block of E. Crossroad Rd.

The FAA and NTSB are en route to the scene.


Emergency workers responded Saturday night to a reported plane crash with three deaths near Vienna in Johnson County, south of Carbondale, according to published reports.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office did confirm there was an incident along Crossroads Road, but there was no danger to the public. It could not release any additional information.

Television station KFVS, based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, reported a Piper PA-28 aircraft has crashed under unknown circumstances near Vienna.

KFVS reported that the extent of the damage is unknown, but authorities have confirmed there are fatalities.

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